Why Education until 18 for young people?

Education and training are key to a secure future, both for the young people, but also for the Austrian economy. Thanks to intensive efforts undertaken over the past few years, we have succeeded in keeping unemployment among young people low; however, in view of increasing qualification requirements for the workforce, the apprenticeship guarantee alone is not enough.

Two mechanics working in the workshop

Qualified skilled workers are a significant strength of Austria as business location. Preventing a situation where existing potentials are not utilised makes sense not only from an individual, but also from a general economic perspective. In the medium to long term, investment in Education until 18 will pay as more young people will have completed a post-compulsory education or training, thus reducing their risk of becoming unemployed by two thirds. Sustainable, qualified employment will generate higher tax income in the future while reducing expenditure on unemployment and other social benefits.

What does the duty to complete an education mean for companies?

Young people often lack the connection between their personal strengths, interests and career choice, while some are confronted with stressful problems. It is therefore vital for young people to become aware of their strengths, interests, talents and aptitudes so that they can confidently use these as resources in the education and training process.

This is why Education until 18 is not “only” about ensuring post-compulsory qualification for young people. It also comprises preventive offers, best possible support for youths and their parents, as well as an optimization of the education and training offers.

Less unqualified employment of young people under 18

Unqualified employment offers hardly any opportunities for career advancement, no possibility for the formal completion of a training, and no perspectives in the labour market.

Unqualified employment is still permitted
  • if it is done in parallel to attending a school or a vocational training, or
  • if it was explicitly specified in the pathway or support plan of the young man or woman and subject to a defined time limit.

Young people are still permitted to complete internships or take on odd jobs during vacation periods.

What happens with unqualified workers?

In cases where unqualified employment is not based on a pathway or support plan, the coordinating office will arrange for the preparation of such a plan. In this event, young people have the right to terminate their employment prematurely regardless of any statutory or collectively agreed notice periods or dates. This will not have any effect on the remaining entitlements resulting from the employment contract.

Raising awareness

At companies as well, the awareness of the question about the future education careers of young people and of preventive efforts should be raised. This is the only way to ensure that the youths concerned will receive help at an early stage.

Should there be any problems in connection with the training of young people, companies may make use of diverse support offers, such as Coaching for apprenticeship and training companies, apprenticeship subsidies or the vocational education assistance.

Contact with the coordinating office

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Education until 18 is an initiative of the Austrian Federal Government