Use your talents, shape your future and become the main character of your life. Education until 18 supports you on your way. You don't know yet in which direction your career path goes or which education suits you? Don't be lost: There are more options than you think.
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Education until 18 – here’s how it works


Use your talents

The regional coordinating offices, the youth coaching or the Labour Market Service (AMS) will assist you to find the education that is right for you. They will ask you about your interests, your skills and your wishes. The results of the discussion will then be incorporated into your personal plan for the future.


Shape your future

School and apprenticeship will help you with the start of your working life. It is about a sense of community and a meaningful occupation. If you complete an apprenticeship, you will earn more money later, will find a job more easily, and you will lead a healthier and longer life.


What can parents do?

It is important that you support your children with completing an education – inform them of the available support options! In addition, you are required to report your child if he or she has not attended any education measure in more than three months. This is the only way to help him or her.


Why Education until 18?

Young people must be prepared for this. Therefore the completion of an education is a legal requirement since 2017. This is complemented by counselling and education offers.

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The duty to complete an education is an opportunity for young people, both socially and economically. It represents a major socio-political step, comparable to the introduction of compulsory school education.

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Without any vocational education, it is very difficult to succeed in today’s labour market. Even if some might be tempted by the financial rewards of unskilled work in the short term – this is usually not long lasting. Without any doubt, an education is an important basis for an independent life without poverty.

Elisabeth Gräfinger, Employee of the Coordinating Office for Education until 18, Vienna
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Some young people need more time and support after completing compulsory school so that they can take the next step in their education. The AusbildungsFit Projects can offer this professional support.


What benefits does Education until 18 provide for you?

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Where can I find help?

You do not yet know the direction of your career? We will check your talents!

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Questions & Answers

Education until 18 – What does it mean for parents and youths as well as for teachers?

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The latest info on the campaign, on events and info offers.

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Education until 18 is an initiative of the Austrian Federal Government