What benefits does Education until 18 provide for young people?

More opportunities and better prospects

Young people are expected to have more and more skills
to find a job. People without any education are at a greater risk
of becoming employed than people who
have a better education.

The Austrian Government aims to prepare
young people for the future.
School and education are important
for a person’s future.

A new law on the duty to complete
an education has been adopted.
The law is called the Compulsory Education Law.
The law specifies that all young people under 18
are required to complete
a school or a training.
Compulsory school alone is not enough.

Parents have a great responsibility

Parents have a significant influence
on the life of their children.

Die meisten Jugendlichen gehen nach der Pflichtschule
after completing compulsory school.
Or they complete an apprenticeship.

However, some young people don’t.
They drop out of school or end their apprenticeship prematurely.
They take on unskilled jobs.
Or they don’t work or attend a school or apprenticeship at all.

Parents are responsible for their children.
They are supposed to help ensure
that their child enjoys a good education.

A good start is important for young people

Parents want the best for their child.
Part of this is a good education.

People with low education often
earn little money throughout their life.
Their pensions are low.

A good education keeps a person healthy

An education can even determine
how long a person lives.
And how healthy he or she is.
People with low education suffer
more often from health problems.

Support is important

If your child does not know what to do
after completing compulsory school,
he or she will receive help.

The youth coaching will assist your child to prevent him or her
from dropping out of school or prematurely ending an apprenticeship.

Your child will get a plan.
The plan is called pathway plan or support plan.
The plan defines what education he or she can complete.
The plan respects the wishes of your child.

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Education until 18 is an initiative of the Austrian Federal Government