What benefits does Education until 18 provide for you?

You decide on your future

Often, the education will decide on the life we lead later.
A better education means that you will have more possibilities.
For example a better job, more money, more opportunities.

To have more skills means to earn more

If you only have a low education,
it is more likely that you will become unemployed.
Or that you will only find unskilled jobs.

Consequently, you will earn less money.
And as a result, you can afford less.
Travelling, concerts or sports
might then be too expensive for you.

Having more skills means being healthier

Unskilled workers are often required to do strenuous work.
This is bad for their health.

Are you dreaming of a specific job?

If you have the right education
it will be easier for you to get the job you want.

The youth coaching or the AMS will help you.
Together with them, you can find out
what your interests and skills are.
Your wishes for the future might thus become true.

Everybody needs help sometimes

Most young people complete an apprenticeship
after compulsory school.
Or they continue attending school.

However, some young people don’t.
They drop out of school or end their apprenticeship prematurely.
They take on unskilled jobs.
Or they don’t work or attend a school or apprenticeship at all.

Maybe you have had some bad experiences at school.
schlechte Erfahrungen gemacht.
Maybe you don’t know what you should do.
In that case, you will receive help.

You don’t have a plan?

You don’t have to plan your future all by yourself.
The youth coaching or the AMS will prepare
your personal plan together with you.

This plan will be tailored to your very own needs.
It is called pathway plan or support plan.
The plan outlines what you will do next.

The interests that you have are important for the plan.
And your skills are also important.
The youth coaching or the AMS
will help you with your next steps.

Contact with the coordinating office

Should you have any specific or personal questions about Education until 18,
please write to us or call us!

0800 700 118

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Education until 18 is an initiative of the Austrian Federal Government