Education until 18

Education and training secure the future
for young people.

Young people are expected to have more and more skills
to find a job.

More opportunities and perspectives

The Austrian Government aims to prepare
young people better for the future.
School and education are important
to improve the possibilities available on the labour market.

A good start is important for young people

People with low education are
at a greater risk of becoming unemployed.
People with low education often
earn little money throughout their life.
They also have low pensions.

Major change

In 2016, the Austrian Government made an important decision.
It introduced “AusBildung bis 18”,
which means Education until 18.

The goal of Education until 18 is
to ensure that all people younger
than 18 complete an education.
Compulsory school alone is not enough.

The most important part of Education until 18 is a law.
Based on the law,
completing an education becomes a legal requirement.

This duty to complete an education aims
to achieve that more people complete an education.
Furthermore, youths and parents receive very good support.
Young people receive better
offers for their education.

Prevention is important for the success

It is especially important to ensure
that young people do not drop out of school or
end their education prematurely.
That is better for them. And it also saves costs.

Many offers are already available to youth.

Why do we spell Education until 18
with a capital E?

The duty to complete an education
can be fulfilled in different ways.
For example by:
Attending a secondary school.
Completing an apprenticeship.
Making use of different offers.

Education and training are immensely important.
This is why we spell Education
until 18 with a capital E.

Education until 18 is an initiative of the Austrian Federal Government